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What is World Fishin' Guide all about?

First we started more than 20 years ago with fishing guide services for anglers from foreign countries, who is anxious to get a new experience in fishing in such a beautiful country as Czechia is.

However after many years the company founder Oleg Jeremin decided to open fishing school for juniors, which received later a name Prague Fishing Club after the city, where it was established together with World Fishin' Guide service, dedicated to anyone who want to travel fish a fishing rod as well as to save the nature and fish species against extinction.

Join us if you have the same goal and support or strategy. We believe, that our kids will enjoy beautiful nature sceneries and fights with large fish for many, many years.

"I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it"
-William Shakespeare
Local tackle shops

Local tackle shops

Many of travel a lot across the world not for fishing only, but with families for sightseeing. But can You imagine Your trip to foreign country without a visit of local tackle shop? 🙂

Fishing license

Fishing license

OK, You are planning to visit another country with fishing rod or just decided to get away being abroad. How and where you can get a license? Here is everything you need to know!

Fishing competitions & events

Competitions & events

Want to participate a competition in order to meet great masters of fishing or even to win the main award? We update the list as soon as we know about new fishing event!

Fishing magazines

Fishing magazines

Very often the worth to see information about novelties in tackle market, local spots, fishing methods is written in fishing magazines. Here is an overview on most outstanding ones.

Oleg Jeremin, founder of Worldfishinguide & Prague Fishing Club, Czech Republic

“Dear anglers,
I am very happy you have visited worldfishinguide website. Just stay here for a while and have a look, thank You! For many years I have been working as a fishing guide and running a Prague Fishing Club. All information on this website is going to be an answer to many questions, which I’ve heard from my clients and friends. Furthermore, I had those obstacles by myself too when visit foreign countries with fishing rod. Hope it would be helpful for You and if You will have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me… Tight Your lines!”


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